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My Sister, My Self

25 year old younger sister – Austin, Texas

I just finished your book and can I just say so many things ring true. My sister relationship is very "strained" to say the least, as are ones portrayed in your book. I am very thankful that you have written this book, as I am the only one I know who has such a, for lack of a better word, crappy relationship with her sister. It finally made me feel as if I am not the only one who deals with the guilt and frustrations associated with not being close to my only sibling. I plan on buying her a copy of your book (for if I lend it to her I will not get it back) so hopefully she can better understand what shaped the dynamics between us.

59 year old younger sister – Pasadena, California

I had the good fortune to find your book and am grateful for your counsel and support. I discovered your book the day after the umpteenth conversation in an on-again off-again relationship with my sister . . . You're the wisest, sanest voice I've heard! So thank you for the support and the suggestions.

22 year old identical twin – Long Island, New York

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing such a wonderful and honest book that, in my opinion, truly captures the intense and complex workings of the sister (especially the twin) relationship.

47 year old younger sister – Calgary, Alberta

I heard you being interviewed on the radio recently and I felt that I had a little breakthrough understanding myself a little better when you touched on being a younger sister and never quite feeling like a mature woman. I remember often being told by my sister what my favorite color was, which doll I was supposed to like, which dress I liked and which cut-out doll I had to have. I have felt so inadequate about my ability to make my own decisions and have wondered why I am like that. So it was really great to hear that this may have a lot to do with being the second girl with a very strong older sister and that I’m not the only one.

20-something woman without sisters – College Park, Maryland

Thank you for such a great book written in such simple and easy to understand way. I found your book in my university bookstore and became intrigued. Myself, I have only brothers. So why was I interested in a book about sisters? For me it has always been difficult understanding and relating to women. Sometimes, I longed for a sister to share my thoughts and feelings with, and other times I just feel like I can't stand too much estrogen in a room. Your book has opened a door to me on an exclusive subject that has helped me not only understand my friends who have sisters, but relationships between women in general. In any case, I loved your book (I read it in two days in one sitting) and I thank you for your honesty and courage in writing about these complex issues.

69 year old younger sister – Sutton, Quebec

The book is terrific and your relationship with your sister is similar to mine. You did a good service writing this book, since it helps women understand that there are some sister relationships that will never work, no matter how one tries. Thanks.

42 year old – oldest of three – Australia

I just read My Sister, My Self in one sitting. Your book was great. It made me feel not so alone with what I am going through. As you said in your book, people expect you to pretty much put up with any thing from your sisters and I was pushed to the limits before I decided enough was enough. I still love my sisters and my family but I need distance to survive them.

58 year old – oldest of six – Montreal, Quebec

I'm reading the book now and finding out so much about why I have done or do the things I do. Obsessive analyzer that I am, I rarely think of my sister position as a reason for my behaviour or feelings. Thanks for putting it all on the table.

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